She won the election, but she’s not going to take office.

Brigitta Campbell squeaked out a 113 to 104 vote victory of Monica Tevebaugh in a recent election for the Haileyville City Clerk’s position. But Campbell said that although she’s thankful for the support of those who elected her, she’s not going to take the post after all.

Campbell said she ran for the office with the hope of making a difference in her community, but “Evidently I will not have the opportunity to do so.”

Campbell was scheduled to be sworn in Thursday night at a regular city council meeting. Instead, she decided to not take the post.

According to Campbell, she doesn’t believe she’d be able to properly do her job as city clerk because Mayor Cathy Bailey Morgan has determined that Tevebaugh will be in charge of water billing and the rest of the duties of the clerk’s office — even though she lost the election.

That is, Campbell said, “Another decision made by the mayor without proper procedure. … There is a misguided concept here that city officials, elected by the people, serve at the pleasure of the mayor.

“I cannot, in all good conscience, align myself with those who, in my opinion, will lead our city further down the path of destruction.”

Morgan could not be reached for comment by press time this morning.

According to Cathy Zukosky, Pittsburg County Election Board secretary, the Haileyville City Council will have 60 days to appoint a new city clerk or call a special election. Either way, the term of office will expire in April 2007, she said.

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