has joined as another popular place on the ‘Net to discuss local issues. Administrator Jamie Benson said the site has been online since Oct. 14. There are already about 50 registered users posting on hotchatter.

“I just want to give everybody the opportunity to say what they need to say,” Benson said. “Then maybe people can see both sides of an issue.”

Hotchatter is a discussion forum where users can post their own opinions and respond to others.

“We tried to make it as user friendly as possible,” Benson said. “Everybody is entitled to post their opinion.”

Benson said so far it seems hotchatter is quite a hit.

“The response has been great,” Benson said. “There are several people blogging regularly.”

Users of the site are able to post any opinion they choose. Benson said posts will not be removed and users will never be blocked.

Those who register are not required to submit their names.

“I want everyone to be able to voice their opinion without the fear of being taken off, voted off or kicked off,” Benson said.

Benson does admit that inflammatory posts could be a problem, though.

“We’re not trying to bash anybody,” Benson said. “If that happens, I do apologize because that’s not my intent.

“I don’t think the problems with the city are any one person’s fault.” Administrator Harold King said he has been keeping up with the new Web site.

“It looks like they’re going through the same growing pains we went through,” King said.

King feels negative posts could cause a problem for hotchatter.

“A lot of people will start going after each other,” King said. “They’ll have to find their own way of taking care of that.”

Benson hopes the good things will outweigh the negative, and users will have positive things to say.

“It seems like you never hear anything positive,” Benson said. “All the negativity being posted is not going to attract anyone to this area.”

Access the site at The News-Capital also offers a discussion forum at Connect to “forums.”

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