Two Kiowa women have been charged with felonies for allegedly selling alcohol to a high school girl.

Renda K. Ross, 32, and Amanda Jo Beauchamp, no age listed, were charged Wednesday with selling alcohol to a minor. Upon conviction, the charge is punishable by imprisonment for up to five years, fines of $2,500 to $5,000 or both.

The women have pleaded innocent to the charges.

The charges stemmed from a police sting operation at a Kiowa convenience store.

Police Chief Steve Pebworth said his department had been getting numerous complaints of underage people buying cigarettes, alcohol and lottery tickets from the convenience store.

“We’ve got reports of kids taking their lunch money and buying lottery tickets,” he said. “The people at the store weren’t being accountable.

“We’re going to hold them accountable.”

“We got a high school girl from Coalgate to come up and work with us,” Pebworth said of the recent sting, adding officers provided the girl marked and recorded money.

Assistant Police Chief Jason Lenamond sat behind the seat of the girl’s pickup truck when she went into the store “So he could see everything,” Pebworth said. “She got a six pack of beer and walked up to the counter just laughing and joking with the clerks. One took her money and the other one sacked the beer but neither one asked for an ID.”

The sting Saturday was the second in Kiowa in recent months, but it was the first to result in felony charges being filed. And Pebworth said it won’t be the last sting in the community. “We’re going to keep doing them,” he said. “It’s like I said before. Our children are our future and we’ve got to protect them.”

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