Voters in the Hartshorne school district voted down a proposed $1 million bond issue by an overwhelming number on Tuesday.

The measure lost 367 to 181, or by 67 percent of the vote.

The bond issue had been sought to help finance an events center which would serve as a gymnasium, auditorium and storm shelter.

The defeat of the bond issue in the Hartshorne school district proved to be the only one defeated by voters in Pittsburg County during the Tuesday special election.

Voters across Pittsburg County passed a three-quarter cent sales tax increase to benefit the Pittsburg County Courthouse and the county jail and which will create a county animal shelter.

McAlester voters approved five changes to the city charter.

The proposed school bond issues lost by wide margins in the two biggest precincts in the school district. Voters in Precinct 34 at the Hartshorne Catholic Church voted down the measure by a vote of 147 “no” votes, compared to 60 “yes” votes.

In Precinct 35, voters at the First Christian Church defeated the measure, with 127 “no” votes, compare to 62 votes in support of it.

Hartshorne School Superintendent Jim Barnes was unavailable for comment this morning.

Plans called for the events center to include an air conditioned auditorium and a gymnasium which could be used for graduation ceremonies.

It would have also included an emergency management public shelter or safe room.