From left, Alyssa Latty, junior; Clint Maxcey, sophomore; and Kayly Bryan, freshman; get ready for their classes at the McAlester Christian Academy. School starts Wednesday in the Family Life Annex of the Main and Oklahoma Church of Christ.

McAlester News-Capital, McAlester, OK

McAlester Christian Academy has opened its doors.

Classes begin Wednesday in the Family Life Annex at the Main and Oklahoma Church of Christ. Geron Bryan, academy headmaster, said the church is providing the facility for the school. “That’s the extent of their involvement,” he said, noting the academy is non-denominational.

Sean Ward, athletic director, noted the students and teachers come from many different religious denominations.

“We saw a need in the community” for such a school, Bryan added. “We’re focusing on college preparation in a God-centered environment.”

“It is our desire to create scholars — people who are ready to go to college,” he said, “and make a flawless transition and do exceedingly well.”

Ward added, “We will focus on education so when they go to college, they are prepared to fail or succeed on their own merit.”

There are classes for K-3 and K-4 through 12th grade, both said. Bryan said classes are done in block scheduling. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, there is doubling up on core subjects such as reading, writing and arithmetic — a more collegiate approach, Bryan said. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, there is time for tutoring. “A focus is that we didn’t want to wait three weeks and find out a student is behind,” Bryan said. “This way, we can find out Tuesday.”

Ward added, “Block scheduling lets students be in the classroom with the teacher, in front of the teacher. If you don’t understand, it can be dealt with immediately.”

That type of scheduling also cuts down on homework. “You can’t eliminate homework,” Bryan said. “But most of the instruction will be based in the classroom.”

There will also be a focus on the Latin and Greek roots of words, Ward said. “If we understand the root, we understand the word, especially if we start when they are young.”

Studies will also be offered in the fine arts, both said.

Extended care is also offered after school until 5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. And curriculum is offered during the extended care period.

Students are required to wear uniforms but both Bryan and Ward said these are inexpensive — khaki pants or shorts and Polo-type shirts in crimson, black or white — the school’s colors.

There is a lunch program, Bryan said. Three days a week, the students will provide their lunches and two days a week, “We bring food in from off campus.”

Parents and potential students undergo an interview process “so we’re on the same page with discipline, the code of conduct” and other points, Bryan said.

“It’s an exciting time, an exciting thing.”

For more information about the academy, call 423-2230.

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