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The "Bull Shooters" are named league champions Thursday evening at the Billiards Congress of America's McAlester-area league banquet at Rumors Sports Bar in Krebs. Pictured, from left, are team members Dale Motley, Marlan Isbell, Larry Davenport, Todd Barrier and Billy Rice.

Photo by Rachel Petersen
Staff Writer

On Thursday evening, the “Bull Shooters” were named league champions at the McAlester-area Billiards Congress of America league banquet at Rumor’s Sports Bar in Krebs.

Bull Shooters team members include Marlan Isbell, Dale Motley, Larry Davenport, Todd Barrier and Billy Rice. As a team, they played 300 games over the 14 week season, and won 210 of those games.

Isbell was named team most valuable player and tied for league most valuable player. He won 44 out of 55 games played, had three break-and-runs, two errorless run-outs and two undefeated matches. Rice and Davenport tied as runner-ups for league most valuable player with 42 wins out of 60 games played. Rice had two break-and-runs, one eight-ball break and three undefeated matches. Davenport had one break-and-run and three undefeated matches. Barrier tied for most break-and-runs, with a final count of four for the season.

Team “Rumors” took second place in the league with team member Lee Riddle named team MVP. Riddle finished the season with 41 wins out of 60 games played, one eight-ball break and one undefeated match.

Team “Corner Pocket” took third place in the league with team member Rachel Petersen named team MVP. Petersen was also named top female player. She won 33 out of 55 games played and had one undefeated match.

Team “One Ball Short” placed fourth in the league with Douglas Kirby named team MVP. Kirby also tied for the league MVP title with 44 wins out of 55 games played, four break-and-runs, three errorless-run-outs and five undefeated matches. Kirby also won most errorless-run-outs, most undefeated matches and tied for most break-and-runs.

Team “Ball Breakers” placed fifth in the league with Fred Legg names team MVP. Legg won 39 out of 60 games played.

Team “Peckerheads” took sixth place in the league, with Jason Coffee named team MVP. Coffee won 36 out of 60 games played and had one undefeated match.

Team “Renegades” placed seventh in the league, with Brian Kihlstom named team MVP. He won 22 out of 55 games played.

The next BCA 8-Ball pool league in the McAlester-area is set to begin Jan. 26. Anyone interested in joining the league should contact league organizer Butch Strain at 918-373-3310. Individuals and teams can join the league.

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