An unusual mishap at 430 W. Washington Ave. has left the homeowner, and several others, wondering exactly what happened.

Some time on Friday, the house’s roof completely collapsed, bowing the outside walls and causing other significant damage. No one was in the house during the incident.

“I don’t know what to think about it,” Alfred Crawford, owner of the house, said Monday. “It’s odd ain’t it.”

Crawford, who’s recovering from a broken arm in a local healthcare facility, said he’s unsure of what may have triggered the collapse. He’s yet to see the actual damage. His family, who’ve been taking care of his home during his recovery, broke the news.

“They called me. I haven’t actually seen it,” Crawford said. “I don’t really have any idea what caused it. The wind must’ve really gotten after it. It’s all a shock to me.”

Local contractor Carl Todd briefly assessed the damage Monday at Crawford’s request. He carefully walked around the house noting the damage.

The outside walls bowed, seperating them from the rest of the house. The roof forced one set of windows out of the wall. Drapes throughout the house hung askew, and it seemed the west wall of the house was being supported by an old brick chimney.

“I’ve been at it about 45 years and I’ve never seen anything like this,” Todd said. “I’ve never seen one give quite like this. A lot of these older houses didn’t use bracing like we have today.

“It just failed to have enough bracing. The roof pushed the rafters out at the bottom, and the interior walls are what’s holding it up.”

However, Todd said there has to be a reason for the collapse, though he’s unsure of what that reason is.

“Something had to trigger it,” Todd said. “The earth moving or something.”

The interior of the house is in excellent shape considering the roof damage, Todd said. The ceiling is still intact, without as much as a crack. Nothing fell into the inside of the house. The only damage noticeable inside is to the outside walls and windows.

“It looks pretty decent. It’ll surprise you,” Todd said. “From the inside you wouldn’t think the roof had fell in on you.”

Meanwhile, Crawford said the next step is to wait on his insurance company. He said they have made at least one site visit since Friday, but are still unsure of the total cost of the damage.

“I’ve turned it in to the insurance company. That’s about all I can do,” Crawford said. “We’ll just have to see where we go from there.”

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