McAlester News-Capital, McAlester, OK

January 10, 2011

This case needs re-investigating

Christopher Berry-Lee
Letter to Editor

McALESTER — Editor:


I am the British criminologist Christopher Berry-Dee (author of 24 books published mainstream and TV documentary-maker, CO-producer of the award-winning series “The Serial Killers,” and numerous other programs as a consultant on serial homicide). I am also responsible for clearing up several U.S. homicides at Michael Bruce Ross, Conn., for the murders of Paula Perrera (Crystal Run PD) and Dzung Tu, (Conn. State Police) also Arthur Shawcross N.Y., for the murder of Kimberley Logan (Rochester NYPD). I also appear frequently on British news programs and frequently in the U.S. on radio and in the general media. Several of my books are required reading by FBI BHSU students FBI Quantico.

My colleague, Victoria Redstall, introduced me to the Matthews case, and I have been in contact with Larry Choate and Mike Mars. I have seen all of the documents relating to this case, and I have looked into Alabama Conspiracy Law — which runs close to U.K. Law. I approached the papers and the evidence, as an independent observer and have no bias either way as both Miss Redstall and Mr. Choate will testify.

While I am never one to concern myself in matters concerning so-called “innocence,” especially regarding a man convicted of such a heinous crime, this case most certainly needs re-investigating by an independent authority, and Mr. Matthews does deserve at least that.

I have today spoken to my U.K. producers, who are “Blue-Chip” in this field. They are very keen to work with me and Miss Redstall in exposing the very serious prosecution flaws which are evident throughout Matthews involvement. Further, my U.K. publisher, John Blake (London), who is already working with Victoria, is anxious to see a synopsis for a book ASAP.

Of course, I am mindful of the tragedy concerning the terrible murder of an elderly man in his home, and the attempted killing of his wife. But, my expertise, and knowledge of U.S. criminal law tells me that a serious miscarriage of justice might take place if Mr. Matthews is executed before a new investigation is carried out.

Best wishes,

Christopher Berry-Dee

Fort House, Southsea, United Kingdom