McAlester News-Capital, McAlester, OK

January 5, 2013

Letter to the Editor

David Oliver
Submitted report

OKLAHOMA CITY — Letter to the editor

To: Anyone interested in;

A — Creating more jobs for Oklahomans

B — Lowering the cost of all goods and services in Oklahoma.

Dear Oklahomans,

I see that the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce wants to achieve some workers-comp reforms.

Here freely offered is my opinion on that.

Years ago, when Frank Keating was governor and Drew Edmondson was attorney general, they set up a workers-comp fraud squad that reduced workers-comp costs from a billion dollars a year to $600 million.

No one person or a thousand people can steal that much money unless it is done within well a organized illegal process.

That is a federal crime. It is called “Racketeering.”

Back then, corruption reached the highest levels.

Even Gov. David Walters pled guilty to accepting money from workers-comp lawyer(s).

Here’s the problem.

No job creator, or anyone else, likes to have his or her face held in the dirt and their pockets picked by a racketeer.

It is only natural that they move their jobs to Texas where such theft is not permitted.

So for more jobs in Oklahoma and a lower cost for goods and services for Oklahomans, there seems to be two simple solutions.

You the citizen can:

 1. Contact your state rep. and state senator and ask them to achieve meaningful workers-comp reforms.

2. Contact your congressmen and two senators, the state attorney general, the feds, and anyone else who will listen for a “Multi County Grand Jury to examine the Oklahoma workers-comp process for racketeering.”

They could start by scanning the computer data banks to identify the professional claimants who used the to file five, ten and twenty claims a year. Maybe they are back.


David Oliver

Oklahoma City