McAlester News-Capital, McAlester, OK

October 9, 2011

Letter to the editor: Ethanol-free signs mislead

Richard M. Ryan

OKLAHOMA CITY — The owner’s manual that came with my automobile (a 2009 Lincoln) specifies that was built to run on Flex-fuel-ie regular unleaded gasoline or a mixture of this fuel and 10 percent to 85 percent ethanol. However this manual specifies that if the vehicle is run on a gasoline/ethanol mixture, every third fill-up of the tank must be regular unleaded gasoline with no ethanol in order to prevent damage to the engine.

I have faithfully followed these instructions in order to protect my vehicle. However, I have inadvertently filled my vehicle a few times with a mixture of gasoline and ethanol when I failed to see the small sticker on the pump which said the gasoline contained ethanol.

I had seen the large signs at these stations advertising regular unleaded gasoline, but on inquiry, I found the stations had no gasoline that did not contain ethanol.

I think the large signs advertising regular unleaded gasoline at stations which have none is false and misleading advertising, and further, leaves these stations open to a class-action lawsuit for such false advertising.

I find it disconcerting, as well as aggravating, to pull up to a pump which is presumed to have regular unleaded gasoline and then find the little sticker on the pump saying that the gasoline contains ethanol — so I have to get back in my car and go looking for a station which actually has some regular unleaded gasoline.

I am sure there are other motorists who have had the unpleasant experiences I have had. I ask them to join me in getting this situation corrected.