I see hotchatter.net is back up. Seems Hurricane Wilma knocked out the server. Welcome back Jamie, hope those hits to your site keep on growing. Discussion boards like yours make the 'Net interesting and go along way to helping move the public debate of important issues along.

Speaking of discussion boards, here's a shameless plug for the one available on this site. It's a moderated board. That means an editor approves each post.

Who would have thought that McAlester would be home to two freewheeling discussion boards (hotchatter.net and mccooler.net) plus another one hosted by the newspaper. Things have changed from the days when only the pols and pundits had outlets for ideas. Now, you can weigh in on the topics of the day and anyone connected to the Internet can see what you think.

Of course, I'm still partial to newspapers (this one keeps me fed and a roof over my head) but Internet discussion boards are a great example of Americans exercising this nation's sacred right of free speech. Keep on posting!