Boy was I surprised! I would have bet money the county sales tax was DOA. Not so fast, Mr. Editor, you’re not the political soothsayer you think you are.

The voters have spoken and it looks like someday very soon we’ll have a bigger jail and a better courthouse. Higher taxes are never a good thing, we all “gotta eat” and the government already takes a big bite out of every paycheck, but sometimes there are things that just need to be done.

Maybe passage of this ¾ cent sales tax is a harbinger of brighter days for our county and our communities. If — given all the really bad stuff that has gone on — the people of Pittsburg County will still say yes to a worthy cause, all is not lost. We really could be on the way to a brighter future, really.

The Citizens for Progress deserve our thanks and our praise. They saw a need, spent countless hours working on a solution and then fought like the dickens to get the word out. It paid off and they won the day.

For those who were against the tax (many with valid reasons) don’t be disheartened. You too fought the good fight. Stay active, stay in the arena and continue to speak up for what you think is right. That is the way democracy works: Ideas are presented, debated and decided.

To the men and women who will administer these funds a word of advice: Do everything in the open, listen to what the citizens have to say, don’t be unduly influenced by the good ‘ole boy network and remember the people have placed their trust in you — earn it.