One of the things I make for our family Easter dinner is potato salad.

I’ve talked about making it before. There was the messy year that my eggs exploded when I boiled them. There was the year I almost burned the potatoes when I cooked them.

Neither of those things happened this year.

What did happen this year was my salad kept growing and growing and growing.

I started with the CorningWare® bowl I usually put salads in. It’s a nice medium sized bowl, just perfect for the amount of potato salad I make.

Actually, I should say it’s usually the right size for my potato salad. It wasn’t this year.

I peeled and boiled the potatoes — the usual amount of about 1 1/2 potatoes per person. I cooked the usual amount of eggs. Everything seemed to be going well. Then I started putting all the ingredients together. The potatoes were nice and cool, the eggs were just perfect.

It was when I started adding the other components like the mayonnaise, the mustard, onion and so forth. I couldn’t get it to taste right. I added a little more of this, a little more of that.

Still not right. By this time, the bowl is starting to get to the overflow stage.

OK, time to use a bigger bowl. I used the next biggest in the set. I kept adding this and that and pretty soon, this bowl was getting ready to overflow. On to the biggest bowl in the set. By the time the salad tasted like I thought it should, that bowl was almost overflowing.

I had some concerns when I put it in the car and started for my parents’ home. I hoped it wouldn’t fall over on the floorboard. That kind of thing has happened to me before (and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has lost baked beans or whatever due to hitting the brakes too fast). It didn’t this time.

My mother’s eyes got kind of big when she saw how much potato salad there was. All I said was, “It kept growing.”

The meal was delicious and everyone assured me the potato salad was the best I had ever made. I know the ham was really good along with the side dishes.

And my mother made a special kind of angel food cake. It’s a very simple recipe with an angel food cake mix and a can of pineapple. We topped ours with whipped topping — very good.

The recipe follows:

Angel Food Cake with Pineapple

1 box angel food cake mix

1 (20 oz.) can crushed pineapple in juice

Combine cake mix, pineapple and juice. Mix together and transfer to an ungreased 9x13 pan. Bake at 350ºF for about 45 minutes or until lightly brown. Cool and serve.


If you missed the Ladies’ Holy Week Salad Luncheon last Thursday, you missed a splendid time. The salads were wonderful, the speaker was great. The music was really, really good and the prayers were well thought out.

I had the great privilege to sit at the front table along with Doug Russell, our news editor, who was there to take pictures. Doug was amazed at the variety of salads. Before the luncheon, I told him about the long tables and how full they were. He looked at me perplexed and asked, “How many ways can you fix lettuce and tomatoes?” I assured him he probably wouldn’t see very many salads with lettuce in them because the term “salad” didn’t necessarily mean just the green variety. He understood what I meant as he loaded his plate during the lunch. I think he enjoyed himself too.

I had a terrific time as I always do. And this year, the creator of the blue salad found me. I had a taste of a delectable blue salad several years ago at the luncheon and hadn’t seen it since. I’ve mentioned it in several food columns hoping the maker would come forward. This year, she found me. Turns out her salad was on a different line than I went down. But I still got some of it as I followed her to the salad tables. There was just a little bit in the container. I grabbed a plate and she gave me what was left over. Oh, happy day!

Yes, McAlester’s observance of Holy Week was once again a success. We came away full and inspired, as we should.

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