Happy Easter to everyone.

The Quinton Alumni banquet is scheduled for April 29 at 6 p.m. in the Quinton Elementary gym. A tea will be served at 2 p.m. in the high school gym.

The Quinton sixth grade promotion will be held on May 12 at Quinton Elementary gym.

There will be a spring band concert held on May 2.

Frankie Roberts reported that her husband, Paul, was released from McAlester Regional Health Center on April 5.

Happy 20th wedding anniversary to Rick and Carla Monroe on April 5.

Coach Glen Stone, of McAlester, had a dental appointment on April 6 in Muskogee.

Colene Basden and Eloise Clayton were visitors in Stigler last week.

Jo Ann Clayton reported that her mother, Nellie Guess, was released from McAlester Regional Health Center on April 6.

Jolene Smoot was in rehab at McAlester Regional Health Center recently.

Mary Stephens reported that her mother, Trixie Peevy, had gall bladder surgery on March 28 at Haskell County Hospital in Stigler. She was released on March 30 and is improving.

Dolores Fisher and Jimmy Turner visited in Oklahoma City on April 6. Turner had some medical tests done at the OU Medical Research Center.

The Rev. John Basden had a doctor’s appointment at the VA Hospital in Muskogee on April 6. The Rev. Basden is the pastor of the Oak Ridge Baptist Church.

Charlene Daniel held a Bible study at Quinton Manor on April 6. Those present were Dorothy Degroot, Geri Abby, Tressa Noble, Maxine Slater and Eva Bennight.

I held a prayer meeting at Quinton Manor on April 5. Those present were Iva Hayes, Geri Abby, Dorothy Degroot, Pauline Giles, Eva Bennight and Maxine Slater. After the prayer meeting we listened to a Jimmy Swaggart CD.

There was a “Friends and Fellowship” activity at Quinton Manor on April 4. Those in attendance were me, Iva Hayes, Dorothy Degroot, Geri Abby, Eva Bennight, Pauline Giles, Tressa Noble, Peggy Rhynes, Hattie Seabolt and Dolores Wiles.

I was admitted to the Haskell County Hospital on March 30. I was released on April 3. Those that visited me at the hospital were Colene Basden and Eloise Clayton, Gary and Donna Tucker, Lucy Sherwood, Howard Ary, Carol Gragg, Ariel Gragg, the Rev. Charles Thomas, the Rev. Eddie and Connie Dye, the Rev. Leo Guthrie, A.J. Pearce and April Murray.

Alene Pearce, of Brooken, is in the Haskell County Hospital.

The Rev. John Basden visited his mother, Ida Basden, on April 4. They ate lunch at Bray’s Cafe.

We extend out deepest sympathy to the family of Kathleen Hubbard, Opal Hoy and Howard Taylor.

It was reported that Naomi Boggs, of Kinta, had knee surgery recently at a local hospital.

Georgia Brunson, of Enterprise, visited her friends, Sally Whiteside and Hattie Seabolt, at Quinton Manor on April 4.

Ellen Ogden visited her sister, Tressa Noble, at Quinton manor last week.

The Pentecostal Holiness Church holds a prayer meeting each Tuesday at 2 p.m. The Rev. Wilma Jo Mahan invites everyone to come and pray.

If anyone needs prayer please call her at (918) 469-2229.

Nellie Smith had surgery at a local hospital recently. It was reported she is doing well.

Birthday celebrations are: March 20 – Ray Mendenhall; March 22 – Tylor Sloan; April 4 – Kelsea Coate and April 15 – April Murray.

Bell Williams, of McAlester, visited her mother, Lora Bunyard at Quinton Manor on April 7.

Those celebrating April birthdays at Quinton Manor were Agnes Nixon, Helen Jenkins, Tressa Noble and Ida Little.

My recent visitors at Quinton Manor were the Rev. Eddie Dye, the Rev. Charles Thomas, Lou Ann and Peyton Knell, Sandy and Kara Doctor, April, Joshua and Holly Murray and Coach Glen Stone.

If anyone needs prayer, a Bible or news in this column, please call me at (918) 469-2408 or write to P.O. Box 359, Quinton, OK 74561.

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