I have told you in past articles that I would have information concerning future cutbacks, in HME and home care. The information should be here in the next couple of days and then I will be sharing it with you.

So be sure and watch for it, as it will be of great interest for those who rely on oxygen, wheel chairs and other home medical equipment. This “Bit” that I already know about I will share with you now. For those who depend on oxygen in the home, your concentrator will be paid one time only and no maintenance will be paid. This should begin the first part of 2007. The guidelines for HMEs are becoming very strict and harder to get; by the year 2007, nearly impossible. The guidelines for home health care have already become so strict that some seniors can’t get it; especially the Medicaid, which pays for PCAs, to help seniors with their home maintenance, cooking, errands and laundry. I really don’t have any idea how to stop this nonsense, but all we can do is hope for the best. I, for one, am already having to depend on these services, and HMEs for my equipment; but I know our God tells us “in every situation, He will make a way of escape.” I lean on that a lot, and therefore am not going to let it weigh on my mind. But I do believe that all seniors and handicapped deserve to know what lies ahead for us.

Most of us are tough old birds and will make it through, with God’s help. So tie a knot on the end of your rope and hang on seniors. God isn’t through with us yet. I don’t really have definite information on this part, but will tell you what I heard on the grapevine: Our state government wants to ban cigarettes and tobacco, totally, in the state of Oklahoma. (This is just “grapevine, so don’t take it literally until I can verify it).

In the meantime, “Smile, we may be on ‘Candid Camera,’” ya reckon? I told someone the other day, that “Maybe all the seniors need to rally together and possibly jaywalk or something to get arrested and let our government pay the bill.” Hey! It’s a thought; no rent, no high utilities, no gas to buy for the car, no grocery shopping — sounds like vacation time to me.

What do you think, seniors?

Think it’s time to start writing to those in Government and voicing our protests? After all, they depend on our votes to stay in office. We aren’t still on this earth because we are stupid or something, even though some people may think we are. We are still here because we have a God that watches over us and gives us the wisdom and knowledge to overcome. So we must have some smarts still yet. Ya reckon?

God bless and hang in there. Keep a stiff upper lip and smile. We just might be on “Candid Camera.”

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